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PreCalculus DC

Department: Highland Park High School

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Topics:  Relations, functions, equations and inequalities, exponents and radicals, polynomials and rational functions. 

Lecture Hours:  3

Semester Hours: 3

Prerequisites:  consent of instructor. 

How Parents Can Help

Please download or print the attached Fall schedule.  This has all the
classwork and homework for the entire semester.  Please ensure that your
student is doing work every night.  


Prospective students should have completed a second year of high school algebra and possess a mathematical maturity that includes quantitative reasoning. Students also should have writing skills that allow them to express answers clearly and succinctly.

Scope and Sequence

Learning Objectives: After completing this course, the student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the following topics as evaluated by the faculty in the department/program:
  1. Recognize, solve, and apply radical, absolute value, linear, quadratic, and rational equations
  2. Recognize, solve, and apply inequalities
  3. Recognize, solve, graph, and apply polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions
  4. Explore functions, graphing techniques, operations of functions, composition of functions, and inverse functions.
  5. Evaluate all real roots of higher degrees of polynomials
  6. Recognize, solve, and apply systems of linear equations, including the use of matrices and matrix algebra
  7. Identify sequences and series, and calculate the sum of a sequence



85% of each six-weeks grade will be based on the following weights: 

            Homework:     1 grade

            Quizzes:       2 grades

            Tests:       3 grades

 Homework is due two days after it is assigned.  Late work not pre-approved will have thirty points deducted. 

The remaining 15% will be from the comprehensive six-weeks exam.

Twenty five percent of each semester grade comes from the six-weeks grades.  The remaining 25% will be from the comprehensive semester exam.


Quizzes are open-note and open book and will be unannounced.  Tests will be closed book and closed-note.  The full class period will be allotted to tests.  A final exam will be given.  All makeup quizzes and tests must be taken within one school day (not class period) of the student’s return.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule makeup work with the instructor. 


An average of these grades will determine the final grade. 

            A: 90 – 100%

            B:  80-89%

            C:  70-79%

            D: 60-69%

            F:  59% or lower


ATTENDANCE POLICY:  You are expected to attend every class.  If you are going to miss a class, pick up the assignment ahead of time.  The assignment will be due the next class period.  Excused absences due to illness will require that assignments missed are due the next class period.  Assignments due on the date of the absence are due the first class period the student returns. 


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