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Honors Algebra 2

Department: Highland Park High School

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Algebra II Daily Activities:


1)    Students will have class work nearly every day.  All class work, unless otherwise instructed, is due at the end of the class period and will be graded (completed or not). When students enter the classroom, they are to:

a)     Start on board work (do not wait for bell). 

b)    Have homework due that class period out on their desk. Graded homework, quizzes and tests will be distributed. 

2)    The beginning of each class will be devoted to homework questions and selected students will be asked to work selected homework problems on the board. Homework will be due two class periods after it was assigned.  Late work will receive a 30 point deduction. 

3)    After homework questions are answered, instruction on new material will be given and examples worked in class.  Students will be expected to take notes in their loose-leaf notebook.  Instruction this year will be student-centered.  The instructor will present a problem and guidance, but the students are expected to work toward the proper solution. 

4)    Please, do not be afraid to stop the teacher at any time and ask a question if the material is not clear.  Almost certainly, you are not the only student who does not understand.  There are no stupid questions (except “ Is this a stupid question?”)!

5)    Mistakes and errors are an essential part of the learning process.  When you make a mistake, first identify the error, then find the proper method, and finally figure out how to avoid making the same mistake again (these must be shown to receive credit for corrected work).  Everyone makes mistakes, including your teacher.  If you discover me making a mistake, stop me, identify the mistake, explain the correct method or answer, and I will add 5 points to the next test.

6)    Quizzes will be open note, tests will be closed note (NO formula charts).  Unless otherwise instructed, students are expected to have all pertinent material in memory for tests.  It is in your best interest to initially attempt all quizzes without notes, and then use your notes to check completed work and to work other problems.  Make notes of what you were unable to work without help, and devote more time to studying those topics. 

7)    Do not put up material and get ready to leave class until instructed by the teacher. 

8)    Do not ask to go to the restroom unless it is an emergency.  Go before or after class.  No one will be permitted to go to the restroom during instruction. 

9)    I give partial credit, but you must show your work to receive any credit for a problem.  With very few exceptions, all problems in this course will have intermediate steps.  If you do not show your problem setup and intermediate steps, I will give you NO partial credit for the problem. 

10) Homework and quizzes may be corrected and turned in by the next class period in order to get half of the deducted points back, if all steps needed to solve the problem are written down.  Corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper from the initial assignment and the initial assignment must be attached.  Tests may not be corrected.  What you make on the test initially is what you get. 

11) Academic dishonesty (cheating) will earn you a zero on an assignment or test.  Academic dishonesty involves copying somebody else’s work and passing it off as your work.  This is theft of somebody else’s knowledge and ability.  Academic dishonesty includes (but is not limited to) copying off another student’s quiz, test, or homework, copying directly from published material (either in books or on the internet, known as plagiarism), or intentionally allowing another student to copy your work and pass it off as his or her own. 

12) Quizzes and tests must be made up within one class day of your return, or you will receive a zero.  You are responsible for scheduling the makeup and showing up. 

You are responsible for learning the material that was presented during your absence.  DO NOT use the excuse “But I wasn’t here and I didn’t get it.”  Get help from me (before or after school, not during class) or from a fellow student.  I will NOT track you down to teach you the material.

How Parents Can Help

Please download or print the attached Fall schedule.  This has all the
classwork and homework for the entire semester.  Please ensure that your
student is doing work every night.  


Supplies Needed: (Bring to class every day unless otherwise instructed)

1)    3-hole notebook and notebook paper

2)    MacBook computer

3)    2 pencils and erasers

4)    Graphing calculators will be available for use in the classroom. 

5)    Personal calculators are allowed unless prohibited by teacher. 



85% of each six-weeks grade will be based on the following weights: 

            Homework:     1 grade

            Quizzes:       2 grades

            Tests:       3 grades

 The remaining 15% will be from the comprehensive six-weeks exam.

Homework is due two class days after it was assigned.  Late work not pre-approved will have 30 points deducted. 


General Course Expectations and Rules: 

1)    Students are expected to come to class every period prepared.

2)    Students are expected to be attentive and to not disrupt the class. 

3)    Students are expected to show respect for anyone in the classroom.  This includes other students, the teacher, substitutes, and visitors. 

4)    Students are expected to treat all property in the classroom (whether school-owned or owned by the teacher or other students) with respect and ensure that all borrowed material is returned in the original condition. 


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