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Tech Fair Categories

Technology Fair Categories and Rubrics

Music and Sound Design
An entry in this category will be an original digitally created  sound project. Examples include an original song, a sound story, a 30-second radio commercial or other similar product.  
Rubric and Scoring Guideline

3-D Rendering/CNC Projects
An entry in this category will be an originally created 3-D or CNC produced project. Entries could include architectural or mechanical designs or 3-D Worlds which include modeled architectural, mechanical and environmental objects. Rubric and Scoring Guide 

School Logo
An entry in this category will be an original digitally created logo for Highland Park ISD. Logo should include the district name and an originally designed Hornet mascot. Rubric and Scoring Guide  

Digital Photography

An entry in this category is defined as any computer created original project using photographs.  The project must be displayed on a computer in the program in which it was created.  A hard copy of the finished project may be displayed. Rubric and Scoring Guide 

Video - 8 minutes or less

An entry in this category will be an original digital video.  This category is an opportunity for you to express your opinions and creativity. The video should tell a complete story in 8 minutes or less.    Rubric and Scoring Guide 

Graphic Design
An entry in this category will be an original created design.  Graphic Design is the process and art of combining text and graphics to communicate an effective message through the design of logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual communication.  An entry could be a printed or electronic product created using a desktop publishing or computer graphics software package. Rubric and Scoring Guide 

Web 2.0 Internet Applications

An entry in this category have strength in their use on networks, either the World Wide Web or LANs.  Examples include a web page, RSS subscription formats (wikis, blogs, podcasts, enhanced podcasts, mobile-friendly web pages, etc.), WebQuests, interactive games or a combination.  Rubric and Scoring Guide  

An entry in this category will be an original created animation. Entries could be Interactive tutorials, Skits, Cartoons, A Day in the Life, etc.  Rubric and Scoring Guide

App Design
An entry in this category is an app that is specifically developed for a mobile device (phone or tablet). This app can be developed for any operating system (Android, iOS, etc.). The entrant should have a mobile device that can run the app on the day of the fair.  Rubric and Scoring Guide  

Educator: 21st Century Skills
Entries should include the use of 21st century skills and technology.An entry in this category is:
       1.  A promotional of the school; or
       2.  What I would do with new technology in my classroom? or
       3.  Any technology project with a huge "WOW" effect.