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Middle School


  • STAAR 2022 Assessments for Grades 6–8

    The STAAR assessments for grades 6 and 7 focus on content taught during the current year rather than knowledge and skills learned over multiple years.

    The STAAR assessments in grade 8 focus on content taught during the current year rather than knowledge and skills learned over multiple years. Performance on STAAR tests may be used to determine placement in more rigorous pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement classes in high school. 


    2022 Testing schedule for Grades 6-8: 

    Grade Math Reading Writing  Science  Social
    Grade 6 May 10 May 11      
    Grade 7 May 10 May 11      
    Grade 8 April 5 April 6   May 5 May 6
    Grade 8 Retest  May 10 May 111      
    High School Core
    Will be assessed in STAAR-End-of-Course Exams


    Additional details on STAAR assessments

    There is a four-hour time limit on all tests.


    The STAAR math incorporates underlying processes and mathematical tools covered in that particular grade. These include numerical representations and relationships, computations and algebraic relationships, geometry and measurement, and data analysis and personal financial literacy.


    STAAR focuses on concepts and addresses them in depth. Tested content includes matter and energy, force, motion, earth and space, and organisms and the environment.


    The STAAR assessment requires both analytical skills and an application of knowledge. Tested content includes understanding across genres, and understanding and analysis of literary texts and informational texts.


    HB 3906 eliminates the stand-alone writing assessments for grades 4 and 7 beginning with the 2021–22 school year and will influence a redesign of the reading language arts (RLA) STAAR. 

    Note: Previously, students who took Algebra I in middle school were required to “double-test” and take both the Algebra I EOC and the grade-level STAAR math assessment. Now, the Algebra I EOC will satisfy the requirement for a math test for those middle school students taking Algebra I. Middle school students taking Algebra I WILL NOT be required to take the grade-level STAAR math assessment in addition to the Algebra I EOC.

    Grade Math
    STAAR Test(s)
    6 Math 6  Grade 6 Math 
    6 Math 6 Pre-AP  Grade 6 Math 
    7 Math 7  Grade 7 Math 
    7 Math 7 Pre-AP  Grade 7 Math 
    7 Any Algebra I course for high school credit  Grade 7 Algebra I EOC
    8 Math 8 Grade 8 Math
    8 Math 8 Pre-AP Grade 8 Math 
    8 Any Algebra I course for high school credit Grade 8 Algebra I EOC
    8 Any Geometry or Algebra II course for high school credit Grade 8 Math

    STAAR sample questions (.pdf)

     Grade 6 Reading Mathematics    
     Grade 7 Reading Mathematics    
     Grade 8 Reading Mathematics Science Social Studies