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High School


  • STAAR 2022 EOC (End-of-Course) assessments for grades 9 – 12

    The STAAR EOC (End-of-Course) assessments test high school students’ mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for a given course and determine college and career readiness. If a student in grade 8 or below is taking a course for which there is a STAAR EOC test, that student will be required to take that particular STAAR EOC assessment. These EOC assessments are for all students graduating after 2014. For more information on graduation requirements, see the State Graduation Requirements page.

    Required high school STAAR EOC (End-of-Course) assessments:

    • Algebra I
    • Biology
    • English I (combined reading/writing)
    • English II (combined reading/writing)
    • U.S. History


    2022 Testing schedule for Grades 9-12

     Math English  Science  Social Studies 
     Algebra I English I  Biology  U.S. History 
      English II    
    The 2022 English I test will be given on April 5, 2022. 
    The 2022 English II test will be given on April 7, 2022.
    The 2022 Algebra I test will be given during the window of May 3-6, 2022.
    The 2022 Biology test will be given during the window of May 3-6, 2022.
    The 2022 U.S. History test will be given during the window of May 3-6, 2022.


    There is a four-hour limit on all tests except English I and English II, which have a five-hour limit.


    Additional changes relating to recent legislation (HB 5)

    • A student’s performance on a STAAR EOC may not be used to determine the student’s class ranking.
    • A final grade in a course will not be given unless attendance requirements are met
    • English I & II STAAR EOC assessments will be combined reading and writing exams and given in a single day.


    Additional details on STAAR assessments

    Algebra I

    The STAAR Algebra I test questions incorporate underlying processes and mathematical tools covered in that course. These include numeric and algebraic expressions, describing, graphing, writing and solving linear functions, equations and inequalities. Additional questions include quadratic and exponential functions and equations.


    The STAAR EOC will focus on questions regarding cell structure and function, mechanisms of genetics, biological evolution and classification, biological processes and systems, and interdependence within environmental systems.

    English I and II

    The STAAR EOC includes reading and writing. The writing assessments require students to write one expository essay. The students are also given multiple choice questions that focus on revising and editing. Revising a document will require students to have a more in-depth
    knowledge of sentence structure, patterns, and usage. The reading content includes understanding across genres, and understanding and analysis of literary texts and informational texts.


    STAAR EOC sample questions (.pdf)

     English Language Arts Writing I Writing II Reading I Reading II
     Mathematics Algebra I      
     Science Biology      
     Social Studies U.S. History