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Special Education

Highland Park ISD – Special Education Services

     Mailing Address:                                            Physical Address:  

             PO Box 30430                                              15300 Amarillo Blvd East  

 Amarillo, TX 79120                                      Amarillo, TX 79108


     Department Fax: 806-335-4705



     Kristi Waters                Special Ed. Director/Lead Diagnostician/Secondary Diagnotician

                                         322-3770 or Ext: 171

    Jackie Sellinger             Special Education Secretary

                                       322-3784 or Ext: 104

     April Bullard               LSSP/Diagnostician

                                       322-3777 or Ext: 200

     Amanda Schaumburg    Speech/Language Pathologist

                                            322-3710 or Ext: 157

  Elementary Personnel

  Delisa Hendrick           Pre K-3rd Grade Learning Lab/Inclusion

                                       Ext: 251

 Kari Eagleston              3rd-5th Grade Learning Lab/Inclusion

                                       Ext: 259

Andrea Black                  Paraprofessional, 3rd-5th Leanring Lab/Inclusion

                                       Ext: 251

                                      Paraprofessional, 3rd-5th Learning Lab/Inclusion

                                       Ext: 328

 Robert Scott                 Pre K-5th grade Life Skills/Self-Contained

                                      Ext: 328

Jessie Smith                  Paraprofessional, Pre K-5th grade Life Skills/Self-Contained

                                       Ext: 328

                                      Paraprofessional, Pre K-5th grade Life Skills/Self-Contained

                                       Ext: 328

  Secondary Personnel 

   Frank Graham            Secondary Life Skills/Self-Contained

                                        Ext: 103

Amanda Smithee      Paraprofessional, Secondary Life Skills/Self-Contained

                                        Ext: 103

                                      Secondary Self-Contained/Resource

                                        Ext: 103

Briana Maloy                   Secondary Paraprofessional, Inclusion

                                         Ext: 167

                                           Paraprofessional, Secondary Inclusion

                                          Ext: 253

Ginger Pate                   Middle School Resource, ELA/Math

                                        Ext: 108

Brittney Brown              Paraprofessional, Middle School Resource, ELA/ Math

                                        Ext: 108

 Ralph Shemwell              High School Resource, Math

                                          Ext: 109

Michelle DeShong            High School Resource, ELA

                                          Ext: 313




Transition Planning

Child Find  

Notice for Providing Assistance to Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Need Special Education Services English

Notice for Providing Assistance to Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Need Special Education Services Spanish


Mission Statement:

To serve the needs of our students and their families while providng a safe, positive, and effective learning atmosphere to meet each student's individual needs.  Helping each student grow emotionally, socially, and academically in order for them to lead fulfilling and productive lives and be contributing members of our society.

Kristi Waters, MEd

Special Education Director

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