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Highland Park ISD is committed to being an organization that encourages all students and community members to be life-long learners.  Essential to this vision is the development of the use of state-of-the-art technology that empowers teachers, students, and other adults to create learning experiences from the vast storehouse of information available both within and beyond the school building.  In educating its students for the future, the district believes that schools must take part in equipping students, teachers, and the community to use all technology efficiently. 


HP is committed to leading the way through progressive technology and advanced instructional techniques to develop an educational experience that produces successful life-long learners.

Rationale for our Technology Program

 Among other things, technology offers the teachers a way to individualize instruction, measure progress with great precision, simulate processes, and break down geographical barriers. It is a way to improve student enthusiasm toward learning and provide equal access to all of our learners. We envision a school in which all available technologies are utilized seamlessly into the classroom creating a greater community of learning among students and faculty.

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and other similar sites are designed to allow people to share their personal information, including pictures, names and addresses, schools they attend, cell and home phone numbers, and pretty much any information they can think of. The minimum age requirement of most of these sites is 13 years old; however the safeguards they use to verify age are not foolproof. The content contained within social sites is not monitored nor are contacts that your child may make


The following resources will assist in promoting positive conversation(s) between you and your children regarding digital citizenship and Social Media.

  1. Netsmartz:
  2. Common Sense Media:
  3. Families Managing Media
  4. Family Online Safety Institute
  5. Raising Digital Natives


Pause Before You Post

Pause Before You Post is a public service program from Jostens encouraging everyone to make smart decisions about personal publishing. Through expert advice online and in schools, we’re hoping to make teens and parents more aware of the responsibilities and consequences of sharing information, particularly through online social media.

Make a statement supporting Pause Before You Post and spread the word in your community with the following pledge: I believe in making smart decisions when I share information online and want to spread the word to my friends, family and community about taking time to Pause Before You Post.

Before I make a post, I pledge to ask myself:

  • Who will be able to see what I post?
  • Will anyone be embarrassed or hurt by it?
  • Am I proud of what I’m posting?
  • How I would feel if someone posted it about me?

Google for Education Privacy Notice