Press Release HPISD Staffing


DATE: February 28, 2023

FROM: Jimmy Hannon, Superintendent

As the designated spokesperson and superintendent for the Highland Park Independent School District, I am issuing the following statement:

Over the last few years, the District has seen a significant decrease in the number of students enrolled in the District. The reduced number of students has significantly impacted certain school programs more than others and has reduced the District’s budget for maintenance and operations.  Further, student preferences and participation in District-offered programs has shifted over time.  Therefore, the administration and Board have been evaluating District programs in comparison to staff and employment areas so that we can more accurately align personnel with District needs.  This realignment will require elimination of certain programs, reassignment of some staff to different positions, and a reduction in expenditures commensurate with anticipated enrollment.

This process involves several difficult decisions but as responsible stewards of the District’s finite resources, the administration and Board are analyzing which programs may need to be reduced or eliminated due to decreased student participation.  Unfortunately, this will mean that some employment positions, including administration, faculty and staff, will need to be consolidated or even eliminated.  The District will attempt to find new assignments for employees affected by these actions as position become available through normal attrition.  The District must take the initial steps, however, to implement a reduction in force for some certified contract positions.  Should a reduction in force be needed, it is the District policy to consider all qualified employees for other assignments as those positions become available.

The HPISD Board and I sincerely appreciate the dedicated service from all District employees.  In full transparency and an effort to minimize the negative impact of the District’s declining enrollment, the administration has contacted the employees most likely to be affected.  No final decision has been made on whether to implement a reduction in force or which employment areas will be affected if one is undertaken.    For this reason, and out of respect for the employees who may be affected, the District will not provide further comments on this on-going personnel matter.

Again, thank you for your continued support of Highland Park ISD